Typographic Thursday: April 25, 2013

Type news

It seems that they have now changed their design, but seriously, who thinks Comic Sans is a good idea for a wine label?

Some retro goodness: FIGlet, an ASCII font generator.

Have two hours to kill? You can watch every single character in Unicode 6.0

Type releases

The Society of Typographic Afficionados has releasedĀ Font Aid VI: Aster Affects, a collaborative font made up of asterisks and stars created by more than 250 designers. All the proceeds from the sale of the font go to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy


Cinzel Font Family is an all caps serif with swashes- nice free alternative to trajan.


Type development

Very cool experiment: control a letter’s angle and weight using your face with fontface.

The making of Magasin Script: Laura Meseguer goes into the process of designing this beautiful and distinctive face.

Remix Tools for Glyphs (beta) has updated.

A video tutorial on making hand drawn fonts with a tablet, Adobe Illustrator and Glyphs MiniĀ 

That’s all, folks!

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