Typographic Thursday May 2, 2013

Type News

An easy way to search and use all  those hard to find glyphs: utf-8 icons

Looking for fallback fonts? Check out this handy guide to preinstalled fonts in Linux, Mac & Windows

Type Releases

Monster Happy

Monster Happy” is a display typeface from ZooType that lets you build characters by typing in letters. Free, too!

Cherry Swash is a slab serif with a lot of flair, swashalicious!

LiebeFonts released LiebeRuth, a hand drawn serif, great for that handmade touch.

Type Deals

Halis Grotesque, a geometric sans, is on sale: 32 weights/styles for $19. Not my favorite, but it’s a good deal if you have the use for it. The caps are particularly nice.

67% off Magallanes, a sans with just enough personailty. I just might snag this one, lovely design.

Type Development

FontPrep is a handy new app to generate @fontface kits. Finally a good offline alternative! (Review coming soon)

Pixilate News

Pocket Px continues to climb on MyFonts´Hot New Fonts List (currently #31). And remember, it’s 40% off for a few more days!

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