Typographic Thursdays

Starting this week, I’m going to start posting a roundup of news and interesting links from the world of type, new fonts, free and commercial, and new developments interesting to type designers, developers and people who work with type. If you have any tips or suggestions, please tell me !

Type News

Google Webfonts has now changed names to just Google Fonts, and has simplified its design.

Type releases

Noto Sans/Serif  (apparently based off Droid sans/serif) is part of Google’s project to make a type family that covers the whole Unicode range


Aleo is a high-quality slab serif with slightly rounded corners. It is released under the SIL licence.

I’m really liking Hurme Geometric Sans No. 4. What can I say, I have a weakness for geometric swashes,

Calendas Plus is a sans serif family made by aTipo with lots of extra features: small caps, ligatures, contextual alternates. The regular weight is free, the rest is pay what you want.

I love how Mikado becomes quirkier as the weight gets bolder. A perfect combination of fun and seriousness. And it’s 50% off until May 15.

Type development

There was a great article on the hull blog on automating the creation of icon fonts. What does that mean, really? Well, you can generate SVG files into a particular folder, and with the right tools, have them be converted to an icon font on the fly. Sounds cool!

Glyphs has posted a tutorial on their blog on contextual kerning. Thought kerning could only be done between two letters? Think again! Now you can perfecty kern “WTF”.

And speaking of both Glyphs and icon fonts, you can simplify your workflow by downloading these glyphs /illustrator templates for creating icon fonts.

Pixilate News

Pocket Px, my latest release is discounted, 40% off until May 5th on MyFonts. So now’s the time to stock up on high quality hand drawn fonts!

Tingz package

Image (c) Peppersmith

Tingz, a UK brand of natural, sugar free candy is using Lango Px for all their packaging and collateral, designed by B&B studios. Lango is a great fit for those smiling monsters and gives Tingz a unique look.

That’s it for this week!


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