Typographic Thursday – Jan 9, 2014

Happy 2014! Hope I’ll be posting a few more of these link collections this year, but I’m not too hopeful about my new years’ resolutions. Type News The NY Times redesigns its website. A typographic review by Fontsinuse. Myfonts’¬†most popular fonts of 2013– what, no pixilate fonts there? ūüėČ Chrome for Windows will change it’s […]

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Lango updated

I just updated the font files for Lango Px, a tall, narrow handwritten font. There’s lots of fixes and new features: All the outlines were cleaned up and refined, so the font should look better and smoother at all sizes. The size is also marginally smaller, which probably helps with webfonts. I basically re-made the […]

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Typographic Thursday – June 20,2013

Type News Fonts in ios7: it’s not all Helvetica Neue. An interesting article on the democratization of typography (in spanish). Typographic fashion: I want this serif tote bag¬†and ampersand earrings (via hellobrio)¬†! Particularly witty¬†Typography Design Poster Jokes. I’m not alone: birds love type! Type Releases Lily Script is one of those fonts that makes me […]

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