Typographic Thursday – Jan 9, 2014

Happy 2014!

Hope I’ll be posting a few more of these link collections this year, but I’m not too hopeful about my new years’ resolutions.

Type News

The NY Times redesigns its website. A typographic review by Fontsinuse.

Myfonts’ most popular fonts of 2013– what, no pixilate fonts there? 😉

Chrome for Windows will change it’s type rendering engine- which means the end of many  antialiasing and rendering problems

Finally, a site for those of us who DON*T love helvetica.

Type Releases

130292Cabrito is a slab serif, not only beautiful, and friendly, but intended to be legible and attractive for kids. Finally, a font for kids that is not childish!


129573Archivio- gorgeous monoline with lots of swashes, just like I like them!

Type Deals

santa-barbara-specs-cm-01-frBenson Script is an awesome semi-geometric script face. I love how the variations make it have such a different feel. 50% off untill the end of January.

131071Pilcrow Soft manages to be round without losing seriousness. I can see this used for a large variety of things. 50% off until february 16
131543Arquitecta is a very well made geometric sasns with tons of weight. Until  february 23 you can get the whole family of 16 fonts for just $19.


130932Primot is a pudgy geometrically inspired script- it reminds me of my monolinea logo- good enough to eat. 30% off until jan 31

Pixilate News

Working on a font to be released soon(ish)- a hand drawn font and alternative to comic sans. More info soon!

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