JollyGood Sans

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  • Format: Opentype
  • Styles: Light, Light italic, Regular, Regular italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Black, Black italic, Unicase Light, Unicase Regular, Unicase Bold

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The wizard quickly jinxed the gnomes before they vaporized.

Finally, a serious alternative to comic sans.

After years of mocking the font that shall not be named, I decided to create an alternative. I wanted to keep the fun feel and the comic book roots, but have a more polished look. The result? JollyGood Sans, a complete font family, with great language support, a big range of weights and styles, and a friendly look.

  • JollyGood Complete package includes all 11 styles.
  • JollyGood Essentials package includes Regular, Italic, Bold & Bold Italic
  • JollyGood Unicase package includes Unicase light, regular & bold


The JollyGood family has lots of styles, condensed, text, and more.