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About this family

Bellota is an ornamented, low contrast sans-serif with text and swash alternates. It’s just cute enough!

It comes in two variations: Normal and Text. Each of these comes in three weights (Light/Regular/Bold) and Italics. There are stylistic alternates (for swash and non-ornamented characters) and ligatures available through OpenType features. Stylistic Set 1: Text, Stylistic Set 2: Swash caps.

Bellota is free and open source which means you can freely use and modify it (yes, even for commercial use)

To contribute to the project, please go to


  • Category : , ,
  • Format : Opentype ,
  • Styles : Light, Light Italic, Regular, Regular italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Text Light, Text Light italic, Text, Text italic, Text Bold, Text Bold italic
  • Tags: displayopensourcesansswashtext

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The wizard quickly jinxed the gnomes before they vaporized.

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